Part  1: 'do you think I would expose my life and
                        that of my family to danger just  to save a 
                        rapist? A maniac?'

     Part 2: 'was the star witness'  word enough?'

         Part 3: 'why only one voter's I.D. when two girls
                        were missing?'

        Part  4: 'prosecutorial misconduct?'

     Part  5: 'the logbook, if it ain't broken, why fix it?'

        Part  6: 'why two girls continued talking to two guys
                        they despised - for two hours?'

        Part  7: 'how many were actually police assets?'

        Part  8: 'NBI barred from case, director barred from 
                       testifying, and prosecutors promised instant

       Part  9: 'could have thrown witnesses'
                       testimonies out of court'

       Part 10: 'the mysterious computer diskette?'
      Part 11: 'the dead body in Carcar, who was

        Part 12: 'three different groups of people,
                        unknown to each other, bundled up
                        for an alleged crime on two sisters
                        they never met or heard of?

        Part 13: 'did the Chiongs had to lie in court 
                          just to convict all seven accused?'

        Part 14: 'pictures should paint a thousand

        Part 15: 'paco's airtight alibi'

        Part 16: 'After seeing Paco 4 times, who is

        Part 17: 'felt like eating barbecue at 1:30 in
                         the morning'

        Part 18: 'judge not convince of guilt of
                        Chiong convicts'

       Part 19:  'arrest now, produce evidence later'

       Part 20:  'convict now, never mind the defense

       Conclusion: 'should we continue to be sitting