May 27, 2002, Sun.Star Cebu 
State witness in Chiong case arrested for
          gun possession

   January 28, 2003, Sun.Star Cebu 
Tisoy says Chiongs have abandoned him

   February 5, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
Chiong to convicts, 'Admit sins, tell where
           Jackie is'

   February 9, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
Anti-death bloc voted for killing

   February 9, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
'Initiative' for re-trial being planned

   February 10, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
Justice for the innocent

   February 11, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
Retrial like killing me 3 times over: Chiong

February 18, 2004, Cebu Daily News 
Paco: "I'm innocent, don't let 'em kill me" 

   February 21, 2004, Cebu Daily News  
New Crusade to save Paco

   February 21, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
Businessman 'won't let innocent' Paco
           Larrañaga die, pleads to Chiongs  

   February 22, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
No protection for witness?

   February 27, 2004, Cebu Daily News  
Del Gallego: Let Rusia, witnesses tell 
          the truth

   February 27, 2004, The Freeman  
Crusade goes on

   March 1, 2004, Sun.Star Cebu  
'If rich guys can be framed, more so 
           the poor'


March 8, 2004, Malaya 
One of 7 convicted in Cebu rape-slays
          seek  retrial

March 8, 2004, The Manila Times 
Chiong convict files plea with SC

   June 28, 2004, Cebu Daily News
SC blocks move to dig up Marijoy

   September 19, 2004, Cebu Daily News
Chiong case revisited: Part 1 "Even I end
          up killed"

   September 20, 2004, Cebu Daily News
Chiong case revisited: Part 2 "Lonely
           fight waged 'to save Paco's soul'

   October 11, 2004, Cebu Daily News
Larrañaga sees another chance

   October 11, 2004, Cebu Daily News
Bread and coffee, Chiong seven staple

   November 24, 2004, The Philippine Star
Kin of Chiong slay convict insists he's

    November 24, 2004, Business World
               Cebu scion moved to death row, family
            rue SC ruling

   November 24, 2004, Manila Standard
Kidnap-rape-slay convict innocent?

   November 24, 2004, Today
Campaign to reopen Chiong murder 
          case launched

   November 26, 2004, Phil. Daily Inquirer
Mother airs new plea for doomed son

   November 28, 2004, Cebu Daily News
SC throws out Paco's motions

   November 30, 2004, Cebu Daily News
'I should have sent Paco to Spain'

   December 6, 2004, The Manila Times
Convict in Chiong case cries for justice

   December 28, 2004, Today
Paco Larrañaga case: Cebu's mistrial 
          of the century?

   December 29, 2004, Malaya
Cebu's 'mistrial' of the century

   January 17, 2005, Manila Standard
Is death convict a victim of mistrial?

   January 18, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
Spanish lawyers plead for Paco

   January 18, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Spanish law groups to SC: Spare Paco

   January 18, 2005, Phil. Daily Inquirer
Spanish law groups ask SC to spare
          Osmeña scion

   January 18, 2005, Manila Standard
Spanish lawyers take the cudgels for
          convict in Chiong rape-murder

   January 18, 2005, The Daily Tribune
Review death penalty imposed on 
          Spanish convict, SC asked

   January 19, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
SC allows Aznar's evidence

   January 19, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Chiong family unfazed by Spanish 
          plea for Paco

   January 19, 2005, Business World
Spanish lawyers ask High Court to 
          spare Larrañaga

   January 20, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Solicitor General disregards Chiong
          accused's 'evidence'

   January 25, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
SC told: Affirm decision on Chiong case

   January 28, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Court should hear Villarin testimony

   February 2005, FTAT News Headlines
           Prisoner of the Month

   February 1, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
Villarin 'barred from testifying'

   February 9, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Lito Osmeña comes out, vouches for Paco

   February 10, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Fr. Reyes to run for Paco

   February 12, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
'Running priest' joins campaign to 
          save Paco

   February 12, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Fr. Reyes, runners ask for Chiong case

   February 12, 2005, The Freeman
"Justice for Paco" run picture

   February 12, 2005, Super Balita
Larrañaga inosente?

   February 12, 2005, Phil. Daily Inquirer 
Running priest takes on cause of 
          convicts in Chiong case

   February 13, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Larrañaga wants to meet with Chiong

   February 14, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Chiong: Invitation to meeting came to late

   February 14, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
'I do not run to protect, coddle criminals'

   February 16, 2005, Phil. Daily Inquirer
Ma of Chiong sisters unmoved by 
          'running priest's campaign

   February 17, 2005, Cebu Daily News
SC Decision: CA can't review Paco's case

   February 17, 2005, Phil. Daily Inquirer
SC denies motions of Chiong sisters'
           convicted killer

   February 17, 2005, The Manila Times
SC rejects appeal of Chiong accused

   February 17, 2005, The Philippine Star
Another setback for Cebu rape-slay

   February 25, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Aznar to high court: Admit Villarin's tale

   March 2, 2005, Cebu Daily News
NGO asks Supreme Court: Quash 
          Paco's conviction

   March 11, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Supreme Court denies motion to accept
           briefs by three Spanish Bar councils

   March 20, 2005, Sun.Star Cebu
European group urges review of case 
          vs. Chiong suspects

   March 23, 2005, FTAT News Headlines 
The Philippines snub the EU

   March 24, 2005, FTAT News Headlines
Submission to the United Nations in the
          case of Francisco Larrañaga

   April 9, 2005, Phil. Daily Inquirer
Spanish lawmakers take up cudgels for
            jailed Osmeña scion

   April 9, 2005, Sun.Star Manila
            Pinoy in Spanish congress attends int'l
          parliament meet

   April 9, 2005, Cebu Daily News
Spanish solons to JDV, Drilon: Paco

   April 10, 2005, News
Spanish lawmakers urge gov't to spare
           rapist on death row

   May 1, 2005, Cebu Daily News
European Body: Review Paco Case

   May 3, 2005, Cebu Daily News 
RP's handling of Paco case hit

   May 22, 2005, Cebu Daily News 
              Support for
Paco snowballs in Spain

   June 1, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
              Paco pleads to Spain, Europe for help

   June 15, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
              'Spanish people are behind Paco'

   July 16, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
              Two mothers' quest for truth and justice

   July 17, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
              From personal tragedies to public crusades

   July 22, 2005 The Manila Times 
              Death penalty vs. five in Chiong case affirmed

   July 23, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
Death for Paco, 4 others

   July 23, 2005 Sun Star Cebu 
SC rules: death for 5 of Chiong 7

   July 24, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
'Miscarriage of justice

   July 24, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
Why the high tribunal decided to affirm the 
              death sentence

   July 25, 2005 Sun Star Cebu 
Trader says justices committed 'error'

   August, 2005 METRO MAGAZINE 
A tale of two mothers

   September 25, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
Lawmaker asks SC: Review Chiong Case

   November 15, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
Retired Cop Confesses

   November 15, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
'Too late the hero' - Chiong

   November 15, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
Uy lawyer: Divine justice

   November 15, 2005 Sun Star Cebu 
Hope for Paco

   November 16, 2005 The Freeman 
Fiscal Mañalac believes "Miscarriage of 

   November 16, 2005 Sun Star Cebu  
Ex-CIDG chief belies claim of former cop on 
             Paco case

   November 21, 2005 Think Spain  
Philippine's president to try and save.condemned 
             Spanish man

   November 23, 2005 Sun Star Cebu  
Chiong not surprised by reports GMA will 
             save Paco from death

   November 23, 2005 Cebu Daily News  

   November 23, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
Spanish TV documentary says Paco 'innocent'

   November 24, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
PARDON PACO? European Parliament pressures 
             President Arroyo. 

   November 25, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
COMMUTED TO LIFE  James Andrew Uy was a 
             minor when crime was committed, OSG says 

   November 25, 2005 Cebu daily News 
Thelma Chiong writes President on Spanish 
             minister's comment 

   November 26, 2005 Philippine Daily 

No execution for.Larrañaga while Arroyo is 

   November 26, 2005 New Scientist 
Innocents die as DNA goes untested

   November 27, 2005 Philippine Daily 

'Punish Larrañaga but not with death'

   November 28, 2005 Philippine Daily 

Crime victims score De Venecia’s meddling in case

   November 30, 2005 Philippine Daily 

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT- Pimentel: It's a dead law, 
time to kill it 

   December 1, 2005 Sun Star Cebu 
EU drive vs. death penalty revives Chiong case rift

   December 1, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
EU seeks death penalty abolition, not pardon of 
             Chiong rape-slay convict
   December 1, 2005 Cebu Daily News 
EU: 'Abolish death penalty'

   April 18, 2006 Sun Star Cebu 
No-death' policy to benefit Chiong 5

   April 19, 2006 Philippine Daily 

No pardon, no parole, no way...

   April 19, 2006 Philippine Daily Inquirer 
Spain lauds Arroyo for commuting death sentences

   April 19, 2006 Sun Star Cebu 
Death penalty is "justice served'

   April 20, 2006 Philippine Daily Inquirer 
Mother of 2 women raped and killed vows to fight on

   May 27, 2006 Sun Star Cebu 
             Papers for Chiong 5 readied

   June 7, 2006 Philippine Daily Inquirer 
Death penalty dead

   June 7, 2006 Philippine Star 
Congress OKs repeal of death penalty law

   August 1, 2006 Sun Star Cebu 
SC reduces death sentence of Chiong 6 accused

   August 2, 2006 Sun Star Cebu 
2 of Chiong convicts 'can apply for parole'

   October 23, 2006 EITB 24 
Inmate of Basque origin leaves death row

   August 15, 2008 Cebu Daily News
Gun charges vs witness in Chiong case
.............dropped (NYIW)