(english translation)

I am Paco Larraņaga, Spanish, I've been eight years in jail in the Philippines. 
I am innocent.

I have been convicted to death for a crime I did not commit.
During my trial, I was not allowed to testify. 

I was here in Manila, 300 kilometers from Cebu... From the island of Cebu. 
Where the crime occurred.

Thirty-five classmates, professors, that were with me taking the exams in Manila, on the day of the crime were not allowed to testify.

I was not also allowed to testify.
They did not want to listen to me.
Please listen to me.

I sympathize a lot with the Chiong family.
But, I have nothing to do with what happened with their two daughters.
I am innocent.

I ask the Spanish government and the European Union, please listen to me.
Help me.
Please do not abandon me.