Saturday, July 19, 1997  

Woman, handcuffed,
found dumped in Carcar; 2 other women missing

     A BODY of a girl believed to have been dumped in a ravine was found yesterday morning in Sitio Tan-awan, Barangay Guadalupe in Carcar, Cebu.

     Acting Carcar police chief SPO4 Arturo Unabia said the girl's face was unrecognizable, her left hand was handcuffed and she suffered broken bones.

     He described the victim to be about 20 years old, five feet and fair skinned. She was wearing an orange t-shirt and denim pants.

     Unabia said they found the body around 10:00 a.m. after a barangay official reported it to them. 

     He thinks the victim was intentionally pushed because he said most of those who have fallen off the cliff did not reach the bottom. The cliff is about 100 meters deep.

     The Carcar police chief said they are still investigating the case and they are looking for witnesses. 

     An autopsy will also be conducted on the girl. Her remains now lie in state at the Tupaz funeral parlor in Barangay Bolinawan, Carcar.

     Meanwhile, two daughters of the Chiong family have been reported missing since Wednesday, July 16.

     Jackie and Joy Chiong were supposed to be fetched by their father at the Ayala Center Cebu between nine and 10:00 p.m. so they will; go home together. They have not been seen since.

      Their father is said to be a business associate of Peter Lim, a nightclub owner who has been alluded to as one of Cebu's drug lords.

     Jackie is 23 years old and work at Ayala Center. She was wearing a light pink t-shirt and gray slacks. Her younger sister, Joy, is a third year college student, 5" 4" tall and was wearing an orange t-shirt and denim pants.


          MISSING.  Jackie Chiong and  his sister, Joy, 
        have been reported missing since Wednesday,
        July 16.  Any  information  about their where-
        abouts   can   be   relayed  to  Jun  Chiong  at 
        telephone numbers 344-0681 to -0683.

     Joy's clothes matched the ones worn by the girl found in Carcar, but it could not be ascertained whether they are the same persons.

     According  to the Mabolo police, Joy was to have passed by the mall to meet her sister and father who was taking them home after work.

     When the father realized that he could not make it to the appointed time, he asked somebody to tell his daughters to go ahead because he still had some business to attend to.

     Later, he still went to the mall to see if could still catch them but the two were no longer there.

     The Chiong family is appealing to those who have any information on whereabouts of these girls to call Jun Chiong at 3440-681 to 83. FROM A REPORT OF TONTON ALCOS OF SUN STAR SUPERBALITA AND AGNES B. SUMALINOG, USJ-R MASSCOM INTERN.

Comments: The orange t-shirt of both ladies could have been a coincidence, but the denim pants is but normal. Most girls in Cebu wear denim pants most of the time. 

     No brand description of the girl found in the ravine is mentioned in this newspaper report.  Also, the Chiongs did not mention any brand of the clothes any of the two sisters were wearing.

     What this writer finds puzzling is the missing 4". The lady found in the ravine was reported to be 5' tall while, Marijoy was reported by her father to be 5"4" tall. Also, why did he not give the height of the other sister?

     Intentionally pushed? What about intentionally run down the cliff without knowing it was a cliff? Later pictures submitted by the police during the trial, showed that the girl was blindfolded!

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