Sunday, July 20, 1997  

Enteria orders probe...... into disappearance of 2. Chiong sisters  

    CEBU City Police Chief Antonio Enteria Jr. yesterday ordered the homicide section to conduct a thorough investigation into the disappearance of the two Chiong sisters and determine if they are kidnap victims.

     Enteria also cautioned the media not to presume that Jackie and Marijoy were abducted, saying this matter will be looked into by homicide section chief Florencio Diaz.

     Meanwhile, Diaz said the body of a girl found in sitio Tan-awan, Barangay Guadalupe does not belong to one of the Chiong girls

     But a homicide investigator said the victim's body could hardly be identified because it was already in the advanced state of decomposition.

     The girl was handcuffed and sustained broken bones when she was found in a 100-meter deep ravine. Police earlier described her about 20 years old, five feet tall and fair skinned.

     Initial investigation showed that Jackie, 23 and Marijoy, 21 were last seen waiting for a ride at Ayala Center Cebu at around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

      The homicide section will also look into a report that the Chiong sisters boarded a taxi with plate no. GMC 416.     

     He described the victim to be about 20 years old, five feet and fair skinned. She was wearing an orange t-shirt and denim pants.       

     Unabia said they found the body around 10:00 a.m. after a barangay official reported it to them. 

     He thinks the victim was intentionally pushed because he said most of those who have fallen off the cliff did not reach the bottom. The cliff is about 100 meters deep.

      The Carcar police chief said they are still investigating the case and they are looking for witnesses.

     An autopsy will also be conducted on the girl. Her remains now lie in state at the Tupaz funeral parlor in Barangay Bolinawan, Carcar.

     Meanwhile, two daughters of the Chiong family have been reported missing since Wednesday, July 16.

     Jackie and Joy Chiong were supposed to be fetched by their father at the Ayala Center Cebu between nine and 10;00 p.m. so they will; go home together. They have not been seen since.

     They were supposed to be fetched by their father, Dionisio Chiong, so that they will go home together, But when he passed by for them at the mall, his daughters were no longer there. 

     Dionisio, a purchasing manager of Mandaue city-based Hilton Heavy Equipment Co., called SUN STAR yesterday to vehemently deny that he is a business associate of Peter Lim, one of those alluded as Cebu's drug lords.

     Police said Jackie works at the Ayala Center while her younger sister is a third year college student.

     As of yesterday, the city police homicide section had no clues as to why the Chiong sisters are missing.  GC


Comments: For the first time among many times, newspaper reports  about the police saying that the body of the girl found in the ravine does not belong to any of the Chiong girls.

     Also take note, this is the only time the newspaper mentioned that the Chiong girls boarded a taxi with plate no. GMC 416. The word used by the report  is boarded and not abducted. Whose plate number is this? 

     What's interesting to note, in this news report, Dionisio Chiong, the father of the missing girls, called this paper the day before to vehemently deny that he is a business associate of Peter Lim, one of those alluded as Cebu's drug lords.

      Yet nine days later, he causes a paid advertisement in the same paper, "An Appeal For Sobriety From The Chiong Family." In this appeal, Dionisio not only admitted that he has been working with Peter Lim for the past twenty years, but also cleared his boss and benefactor as a drug lord.

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