Sunday, July 20, 1997  

Chiong sisters still missing

    THE Chiong sisters remain missing as of yesterday prompting the police and know- ledgeable sources to suspect that Jacqueline, 23, and Mari Joy, 20, could be victims of kidnapping. 

     However, city police director Antonio Enteria Jr. said it was still premature to conclude that the sisters were kidnapped.

     City policemen do not have any concrete evidence to suggest that the Chiong sisters were kidnapped. 

     Insp. Paul Labra, CCPO intelligence chief, said that if the two sisters were kidnapped, the suspects should have notified the Chiong family and have demanded ransom.

     Enteria said he has sent a flash alarm all over Cebu to ask for help from all police units in the province.

     The city police chief also directed his investigators from the homicide and detection bureau to closely coordinate with the Chiong family.

     Jun Chiong, father of the missing ladies, earlier told THE FREEMAN that they have not received any phone call or notice informing them that the two sisters were abducted.

     Chiong denied the two had run away. He said there was no enough reason that his daughters would fled from their home. "I know the attitude of my daughters," he added.

     Moreso, Chiong dismissed speculations that the two had eloped with their boyfriends for the reasons that Jackie has no steady boy friend, while the boyfriend of Joy was also busy looking for her.

     He also downplayed the possibility that a personal vendetta was the cause of the disappearance of his daughters.

     "Wala man ako'y kaaway bisan sa negosio. Usa po, pobre ra man sad ko," (I don't have any enemies even in business. Besides, I am a poor man), Chiong was quoted saying during an interview.

     Chiong said he was just an employee of Hilton Heavy Equipments, an establishment owned by Peter Lim.

     Peter Lim was recently linked by Cuenco to the illegal drug business.

      Chiong said several witnesses at the Ayala Center saw her two daughters forced to enter a mmm

car by two other male persons whom the ladies had earlier talked with.

MISSING SISTERS. Jackie Chiong (left) and
         sister Joy are still missing and are believed  to
         have been kidnapped.

          But the witnesses could not clearly make out the faces of the two males and the car they were riding on as the rain was then very strong during that time.

     Meanwhile homicide probers yesterday clarified that the decomposing body of an unidentified woman recovered at sitio Tanawan, Barangay Guadalupe, Carcar was not of Marijoy.

     The  friends and office mates of Joy, who went to Carcar, personally reported to the Homicide division. They said it was not the body of Joy nor of Jackie based on the body features and the clothing she wear.

     Both Jackie and Joy have been reported missing since Wednesday night. They were last seen waiting for a ride at the Ayala center. NAGIEL B. BANACIA- Staff Member.

Comments: While the police has admitted that there is no strong evidence of a kidnapping, Dionisio Chiong is already talking of witnesses seeing her two daughters forced into a car by two men his daughters were talking to earlier. 

     However, he claimed that the witnesses were not able to see clearly their faces since it was raining very hard. If they did not see their faces, how in heaven's name were they able to know that they were the same two persons they were talking to earlier. Furthermore, not one of these witnesses later presented an affidavit nor testified in court to this effect.

      THE FREEMAN confirms what the other paper  reported,  "the homicide probers yesterday clarified that the decomposing body of an unidentified woman recovered at sitio Tanawan, Barangay Guadalupe, Carcar was not of Mari Joy." 

     Furthermore, the friends and officemates of the girls, who went to see the body in Carcar, personally reported to the police that the body was not of any of the two sisters. They said the body features and clothing were not the same as that of the missing girls.

     This is the first time that Dionisio Chiong has been reported to have downplayed consistent reports that the disappearance of the girls has something to do with a personal vendetta against him.

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