Monday, July 21, 1997 


        The first of two "Help Us Missing" ad appears at the Sun Star Daily issue of July 21, 1997.

Comments: Since this ad appeared on a Monday and the Sun Star offices are closed on Sundays, this ad must have been placed with the papers on that Saturday, 19th of July or a day after the dead woman's  mmmm

woman's body was found in the ravine in Carcar. 

     Unlike  the previous  description given by the Chiongs to the papers (July 19) what their daughters were wearing the night they disappeared, light orange t-shirt and denim pants for Marijoy and light pink t-shirt and gray slacks for Jacqueline, this ad now fully describes what Marijoy was wearing and partially again, although slightly different,  what Jacqueline was wearing. 

     In this ad, you will note Marijoy's attire is now completely described to fit the exact description of the clothes worn by the dead lady found in the ravine in Carcar, light orange Giordano T-shirt with collar and Guess blue jeans. 

     What is intriguing, Marijoy is said to be wearing pearled sandals. And not one of the pictures of the lady in Carcar, submitted by the police during the trial, showed what kind of shoes the victim was wearing. In fact some of the pictures mysteriously appear as if they were purposely cut so as not to show what kind of shoes the victim was wearing. (The victim was shown not in the center of the picture). Was the girl in the ravine wearing some other shoes rather than the pearled sandals as mentioned in the ad?

     The police found one pair of  black rubber shoes in the vicinity of the ravine. Could these pair of rubber shoes have belonged to the victim?

     Unlike Marijoy, Jackie's attire is again not completely described in the ad. No brand of shirt nor pants is mentioned. Why? Was her top a t-shirt or a polo shirt? Did it have a collar or not? 

     What is curious to know is what happened to the purses of the ladies? Nothing is mentioned in the papers nor during the trials about what happened to whatever the girls were bringing with them that unfaithful night? 


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