Wednesday, July 23, 1997 

Team to recheck Carcar ravine where dead........ woman was found

    A team form the Cebu Provincial Office was sent yesterday to investigate the ravine in sitio Tan-awan in barangay Guadalupe, Carcar where a body of a woman was found decomposing last week.

     CPPO chief Mario Potot said residents near the area suspected another body might be decomposing in the ravine after they complained of foul smell.

     Potot dispatched a team from the Sibonga mobile force to verify suspicions that another body might still be lying in the ravine.

     The body found last week had remained unidentified as of yesterday. It is being kept at the Tupas Funeral Parlor in Carcar.

     Carcar police operations officer Sergio Oroc said that except for the Chiong family, nobody had inquired on nor claimed the body.

     Oroc said the Chiong family went to the funeral parlor Monday night to check whether the body was that of one of the sisters that had been declared missing since July 16.

     Oroc said the relatives were not able to verify whether the body indeed was one of the sisters as the corpse was already on the advanced stage of decomposition and was already beyond recognition.

     The body had several bruises, broken bones and marks that she was handcuffed shortly before she died. A masking tape was placed on her mouth. A fragmentation grenade was also recovered near her body.

      Potot said he wanted to verify reports of another body in the ravine to check the possibility that the corpses were indeed that of the Chiong sisters.

     Potot also instructed his men to compare a copy of the sisters  fingerprints and compare it with the prints of the corpse.

      The sisters were reportedly abducted while waiting for a ride near the Ayala Business Park last July 16 midnight.

     Cebu City Police office chief Antonio Enteria said it was unlikely that the sisters were abducted for ransom since no demand had been sent six days after they were reported missing.

     Enteria said kidnap-for-ransom groups usually relay their demand hours after the abduction.

     He said police had started exploring the possibilities that the girls had decided to elope or runaway.    NAGIEL B. BANACIA AND RENE U. BORROMEO- STAFF MEMBERS.    

Comments: CPPO chief Mario Potot as of July 22, was still talking about how he instructed his men to compare a copy of the sisters  fingerprints and compare it with the prints of the corpse.  Also, in this article it is reported "the body had remained unidentified as of July 22.

     Yet during the trials, the police fingerprint expert testified that he identified the dead body to be that of Marijoy's as early as in the afternoon of the 20th of July. 

     Again, you will note  from this report, the Chiong family was not able to verify whether the body indeed was of of the sisters.

     What is curious to know is how the fragmentation grenade was recovered near her body. If she was really thrown down the cliff as testified by the star witness, how then was the grenade found near her body. In fact, no grenade was mentioned by the star witness.

     Where did this grenade then come from? Could it have come from the real perpetuators of the crime? Could it have fallen from them when they went down the cliff to make sure the woman was dead before they left her laying in the ravine?  If the woman would have survived the fall, she could have identified them.

    Was the woman really thrown off the cliff, or did she run down trying to escape her tormentors?  Remember, it was raining heavily that night and the dead woman wasn't even muddy when found.

     Since the convicted young men did not and could not possibly have  had a grenade with them and the lady was found with a handcuff, could some men in uniform been the real tormentors of that young lady?

     Perhaps some members of our police force....  Maybe it was not really a case of  mistaken identity when the cartographic sketch of some of the witnesses in Carcar resembled one of our Cebu policemen. 

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