Tuesday, July 29, 1997 

Councilors condemn...... killing of Marijoy,.......... pray for Jackie

    THE Cebu City Council yesterday condemned the killing of Marijoy Chiong.  They also expressed their prayers to her sister, Jacqueline, 23, who remains missing.

     In a privilege speech, Councilor Michael Rama stressed the government's need to be more vigilant to ensure the safety of city residents.

     "We have to be ever vigilant of any signs of evil and find ways to prevent such from disrupting the peace and safety in our society," Rama said. 

     The council also urged the PNP to double their efforts in solving the Chiong case.

     Marijoy, 21, was buried yesterday at the Cebu Memorial Park.

     During the necrological mass at Redemptorist church, the Chiong family appealed to the media to approach the case with tact and avoid implicating people so as not to worsen the situation. 

     Earl Jimenea, Marijoy's uncle, read the family's appeal: "We would like to correct the interpretation of some members of media to stop using misleading titles, to stop writing exaggerated statements, to stick only what comes out of the investigations."

     "Dragging the names without evidence will only worsen the situation." Jimenea said.  

     "Joy and Jackie are victims of drug addicts. We express great anger and condemnation to the abominable people who spend on drugs, who sells and distributes drugs, who coddles and protect drug lords."

     The classmates and friends of the Chiong sisters also pledged to help solve the case.

     Meanwhile, Task Force Chiong head Sr. Supt. Fritz Quiñanola yesterday said they have at least three witnesses to confirm that the white van was used to abduct the Chiong sisters on the night of July 16.

     A witness, he said saw the Lite Ace parked along the highway Sitio Tan-awan, Barangay Guadalupe, Carcar early morning the next day.

     The body of Marijoy was dumped in a 150-meter ravine in Tan-awan.

     Quiñanola said the testimonies of the witnesses dispute the claim of Antonio Dagoro, a vehicle mechanic, that the van was being repaired when the young women disappeared.

     Antonio Dagaro, of Katugasan Motorworks in Perrelos, Carcar, also said that no one could use the van because the key was entrusted to him.

     According to Quiñanola, Dagoro's wife confirmed that the vehicle was taken by its driver, Albert Caño, at 3:00 p.m. of July 16.

     But Dagoro said the van was returned a few hours later to the motor shop by its owner Simplicio Paghinayan, because of a broken axle.

     However, the task force chief said a witness claimed that he boarded the "colorum" van from Carcar to Cebu city in the evening of July 16. The witness, he added, got off in the downtown area.

     "This belies the claim of the shop owner that the van was not in use for two days. We also got information that the vehicle would go to the uptown area to pick up passengers especially during rainy days," he added.

     Another witness, Quiñanola said, confirmed that the van was seen parked along the highway in Tan-awan early morning of July 17.

     The next day, local police found Marijoy's body in the cliff with handcuffs on one hand.

     "We hope in a few days we could announce that justice has been served to the Chiong sisters. What is important here is that our investigation will continue," Quiñanola said in a press briefing.

     He also expressed hope that they would know the motive in the Chiong abduction in two to three days.

     Except for the kidnap for ransom theory, he said the PNP is still pursuing several "hot leads."

     At the City Council, Rama said: "We are hopeful that this case will soon be resolved and that justice will be properly given to the Chiongs. No evil act such as this will ever go unpunished.  PPA/OCP/GC

Comments:  Once again, the Chiong family appealed to the media to avoid implicating people so as not to worsen the situation and once again, they blame drug addicts for the disappearance of their daughters.

     The police so  easily found "witnesses" to counter what the mechanic and other witnesses that voluntarily told the SUN STAR DAILY that the van was under repair those days. Again, the nagging question, are they police assets?

     The Task Force Chiong chief expressed, during the press briefing that they would know the motive of the abduction of the sisters in two to three days time. This did not happen. It was Dionisio Chiong who supplied the motive in his affidavit dated September 23, 1997, or two months later. This affidavit, which Dionisio Chiong wants us to believe he swore to last July 23, 1997, or 7 days before the press briefing, shows signs of "doctoring". 

     For more on this "doctored" affidavit, please refer back to Part 4 of this website.

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