Sunday, August 3, 1997 

Ex-police officer............ involved in kidnap of..... Chiong girls?
But another person is brains behind abduction, says police official; Ex-police officer only carried out orders

     A FORMER police office is allegedly involved in the abduction of the two Chiong sisters last month, according to a police official who requested anonymity.

     But the ex-police officer was allegedly only asked to do the job by somebody else, according to a police official who asked not to be identified.

     The source said he is apprehensive that some of his colleagues might have links with the mastermind behind the abduction. The body of the younger Chiong, Marijoy, was recovered from a cliff in Guadalupe, Carcar while the search for her older sister, Jacqueline continues.

     The police officer was said to have been dismissed from service after he was proven to be involved in drugs. 

     Homicide section chief Florencio Diaz refused to comment on the report when asked about it by SUN STAR SUPERBALITA yesterday.

     The source said the former officer has several persons under him who are said to be children of prominent families.

     These persons allegedly use and sell illegal drugs in big universities here. They also deal in ammunitions and firearms.

      The group was link to the kidnap-slaying of a girl in Lahug last year, the source added. 

     He added that the group has no personal grudge against the Chiong family and that they were only following orders of their boss.

     Meanwhile, the lawyer of Alberto Caño and Ariel Balansag warned he will file charges against the police if his clients are arrested again.

     Caño and Balansag were earlier picked by police as they were suspected of abducting the Chiong girls. They were ;later released for insufficient evidence.

     But Task Force Chiong head Supt. Fritz Quiñanola said they are still suspects.

     Lawyer Gerardo Lariosa said he told the head of the Criminal Investigation Group that he should be informed if Caño and Balansag are invited to a police investigation again.

     Caño fears that they will picked up again to "force" them to own up to the crime.

     Caño drives an air-conditioned van for hire while Balansag acts as his conductor. The Chiong sisters were reportedly taken into a white van when they disappeared last July 16. FROM A REPORT OF JONATHAN F. TUMULAK AND DINO S. SISO OF SUN STAR SUPERBALITA.

Comments:  Who is this former police officer who is alleged to be part of the abduction of the Chiong sisters? Also, who is the police official who reported to the press his suspicion of this ex-police official to be a suspect to the abduction?    

     He even went to the extent to say his apprehension "that some of his colleagues might have links with the mastermind behind the abduction. Why these suspicions?

     Also, why does Caño fear "that they will be picked up again to "force" them to own up to the crime."

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