Monday, August 4, 1997  

Task force checks angle linking cop to Chiong..... case
Probers see similarities to woman's murder in '96     

     THE former police officer suspected to be involved in the abduction of the Chiong sisters is also believed to be the mastermind in the killing of a woman in Lahug last year.

     Investigators, who asked not to be named, said the two cases have striking similarities. But they admit that they cannot pin down the ex-policeman because they still lack evidence.

     They recalled that Margaret Lobregat Mata was shot in the head and dumped in a cliff in Camp Marina last February 12, 1996, by a longhaired man aboard a white van.

     Marijoy Chiong was found in a cliff in Sitio Tan-awan, Carcar last July 18 with a handcuff in one hand and severe fractures in different parts of the body.

     A white van was reported used in abducting the Chiong sisters last July 16. Marijoy's elder sister, Jacqueline, remains missing.

     Task Force Chiong director Fritz Quiñanola, for his part, said it is possible that a former police officer might have had a hand in the abduction of the Chiong sisters.

     He said the task force has been looking into this angle from the start of their investigation. 

     "It may be possible that it is either an active or former policeman was involved because of the handcuff but we have not established anything definite yet," Quiñanola said in a phone interview yesterday.

      Quiñanola  however said that Criminal Investigation Group (CIG) 7 Chief Napoleon Estilles did not mention to him the alleged involvement of mmm

any policeman in the Chiong case when they met last Saturday.

     Quiñanola was reacting to a published report yesterday's SUN STAR that a former police officer was allegedly involved in the kidnap-slaying of Marijoy and the disappearance of Jacqueline.

     The report said the ex-police officer was allegedly only asked to do the job. He was dismissed from service after he was proven to be involved in illegal drugs.

     Quiñanola said it would be better if SUN STAR SUPERBALITA reporters Jonathan Tumulak and Dino Sino, who wrote the story, would make themselves available to the CIG 7 for an investigation.

     A police source said one of the suspects in the Mata slay resembles the cartographic sketch of the suspect in the Chiong case.

     "If the group is not involved in the Chiong case, they at least know some vital information that would help us on the case," he said.

     Police still have not yet established the motive in the killing of Mata. Her wallet which contained P1,900 cash and her watch and jewelry were not stolen. Police also found a pack of shabu in her pocket.

     The group suspected to be behind the Mata slaying allegedly deals illegal drugs, firearms and ammunitions.

Comments:  Again this ex-police official is mentioned in the SUN STAR the second day in a row. However, after today's article nothing else is mentioned about this suspect. All attention was switched to the Chiong 7.  Intentional? 

     It seems from reading the newspaper reports, the Task Force Chiong leader was kept in the dark again about other police agencies doings. In this article, Quiñanola even mentioned that the CIG 7 chief did not mention to him the alleged involvement of any policeman in the case when they met. 

     Again, a cartographic sketch is talked about. I wonder if they still have a copy of this sketch.

     Lastly, the drug angle again is mentioned in this article.

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