Friday, August 8, 1997 

Handcuffs found on......... Marijoy not police-issue:.. Enteria
Enteria's statement dispels theory that...... ex-cop behind Chiongs' disappearance.

     THE pair of handcuffs found on the arm of 21-year old Marijoy Chiong did not belong to the PNP, Cebu City Police Chief Antonio Enteria Jr. yesterday said.

     Enteria's revelation rules out that a dismissed police officer could be involved in the abduction of the Chiong sisters.

     The police chief said the handcuffs could have been bought from a store.

     "We have a theory (on the possible involvement of a policeman) but we have not established conclusively the ownership of the handcuff," Sr. Supt. Fritz Quiñanola, Task Force Chiong head, said in a separate interview.

     Quiñanola, who still has to get a formal report from Enteria, believes that the pair of handcuffs was locally made because it had no brand.

     Since it was an ordinary pair of handcuffs, he said it got stuck on Marijoy's arm and that the lawmen even tried to saw it off to remove it.

     Insp. Florencio Diaz, Cebu city homicide chief, said the city police usually issues U.S.-made Smith and Wesson handcuffs.

     Diaz described the handcuff used by Marijoy's perpetuators as poor in quality, saying it was light and slim unlike a genuine one.


     Quiñanola, who is also PNP deputy regional director for administration, admitted that it would be hard to know the fingerprints on the handcuffs because police took time to find the pair.  

     But he said the PNP forensic experts still have to release what they have found on the fingerprint analysis.

     The body of Marijoy was found in a 150-meter deep ravine in Sitio Tan-awan, Carcar three (two) days after she and her sister Jacqueline, 23, were reported missing on July 16. 

     Quiñanola earlier did not discount reports that a former policeman could be involved in the abduction of the two Chiong sisters. GC

Comments:  How quickly Police chief Enteria ruled out that a dismissed police officer could be involved in the abduction "because the handcuffs could have been bought from a store."     

     While Enteria, whose job was on the line if he did not produce results soon enough, ruled out the dismissed police officer as a suspect, Task Force Chiong Head Quiñanola still maintained, "we have a theory of  a possible involvement of a policeman in the abduction."

     What is suspicious is why no fingerprints were found in the handcuffs. This would have been the most logical item among the items found in the crime scene that could have produced some fingerprints.

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