Friday, August 15, 1997 

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But Mrs. Chiong doesn't believe  it was drug addicts who abducted her two daughters; operation too clean, she said.

SUN.STAR Staff Reporter  

     The mother of the Chiong sisters, Thelma, yesterday went public for the first time and demanded from authorities what they had achieved so far in their pursuit to solve the brutal killing and abduction of her daughters.

     "Asa na man ang hustisya ani. Pila na man ka adlaw o semana and milabay, apan wala pa man masulbad ang kaso sa akong anak. Dili lali nga nbawala ang duha nimo ka anak nga-imong gi-agasan ug dugo, singot ug luha," she said. 

     (Where's justice here? Several days and weeks have passed already yet the police have yet to solve the cae. It's not that easy to lose your daughters for whom you shed blood, sweat and tears.)

     She lamented that while it took the life of her daughter for people to declare total war against drugs, the police has yet to gather leads that would help solve the case and prosecute the killers.

     A reformed drug addict, John Dajay, also challenged the people that amidst the violent events of life, their goal must be to attain peace, 

     "Sometimes, all of us have to wage a war to win a trophy of peace," he philosophized.

     He noted that he never recovered from drugs all too easily because every days he had to wage a war with himself. At the time when he was hooked to prohibited drugs, Dakay said he got paranoid and hallucinated to the point that he was seeing things from distorted eyes---- birds in the wallpaper were flying and ants appeared as dwarves.

     "I was a walking testimony of what you call praning," he said.

     Speaking before thousands of rallyists who joined the Crusade Against Illegal Drugs and Heinous Crimes, Thelma joined Sen. Ernesto Herrera in the call to purge the ranks of the Philippine National Police (PNP) of drug coddlers and protectors.

     Thelma and Dakay were among those who shared their testimonies with the people which served as an eye opener and an enlightening piece that everybody must be involved in the war against illegal drugs before it hits another one.

     In an interview, the mother of the Chiong sisters expressed her doubts were abducted by drug addicts saying the operation was too cleanly done.

     She noted while the police were trying hard to find the suspects, Task Force Chiong has not helped in solving the case of her missing daughter, Jacqueline.

     She said, however, that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) through regional director Florencio Villarin is helping her family.

     Meanwhile, Cebu City Mayor Alvin Garcia yesterday 

yesterday raised from P50,000 to P100,000 the reward for anyone who can help solve the Chiong case.

     The amount would be added to the P25,000 earlier promised by the Cebu Provincial Government and the P25,00 from the private sector.

     In another interview, the father of the Chiong sisters, Dionisio, denied reports that Jacqueline has been found.

     If the reports were true, he said, they would not have bothered going to the far towns in the north and south of Cebu just to post Jackie's pictures.

     "Sus! Malipay na unta 'mi kung tinuod 'na ug nganong ato pa nang ilimod," he said. We would be happy if the news was true. Why should we hide the truth?)

     Denying reports that the Chiong family plans to migrate abroad, Dionisio said they will stay in Cebu despite what happened to his family and pursue the case of his daughters.

     At the rally, Thelma shared the ordeal that she and her family have gone through after they lost their two daughters.

     Her testimony drew tears from some of the crowd who felt equally hurt.

     She recalled that on July 16, her daughters left their house and never returned since then without having heard her say that she loved them.

     To make up for what she failed to do the last time her daughters left their home, Thelma sang for them which stared, "You will always be a special part of me, you will always be a special memory."

     Since the day their daughters left, Thelma said, she and her husband continued to hope that their daughters would show up on their doorstep one day.

     "Everyday I waited for them in the house and my husband would always look every place where he could possibly see them, but to no avail," Thelma said.

     Thelma said her family sought the help of Cebu Gov. Pablo Garcia days after their daughters were lost only to learn that one of them was found in a cliff in Carcar town.

     She said she could hardly accept the fact that her daughter was thrown off a cliff so deep that it maimed Marijoy's body.

     That was why she tried not to stare at Marijoy's body because it would be like shuttering herself to pieces, she said.

     "Deli ko kadawat nga ilabay lang sa pangpang ang akong anak. Sakit kaayo ang ilang gibuhat nako, kung mga addictman gani 'na sila. I will suffer all my life to see the body of my child, that she died that way, said Thelma.

     (I cannot accept that my daughter would just be thrown off the cliff. What they did hurts me very much, if the culprits are indeed drug addicts.) .....With reports from FLP/OCP 

Comments: Here, Mrs. Chiong is not yet convinced that drug addicts were the ones who abducted her two daughters. The operation was too clean, she said. 

     She said that the police has not helped in solving the case of her missing daughter, Jacqueline.

     However, she said that NBI regional director Villarin is helping her family. This would not be the case during the trial. The NBI was completely shut out when Villarin starting doubting the police's state witness. "I still have to meet a drug addict that is not a liar," he was quoted as saying. 

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