Thursday, May 20, 1999 

Firearm found on.......... Adlawan 'planted'.........
- judge

    THE Municipal Trial Court in Cities (MTCC) has dismissed the illegal possession of firearms charged against Rowen Adlawan, a convict in the Chiong case.

     Judge Olegario Sarmiento Jr. of Branch 2 questioned the police's motive in this case, "as they were allegedly pressured to get hold of Adlawan in preparation for the Chiong trial. 

      The seal on the part of the police prompted them to plant evidence in the body of the accused so he would remain under custody until the evidence in the Chiong case becomes airtight, not only to create a prima facie case but ultimately conviction of the accused," the decision read.

      Sarmiento noted the police allegedly harassed workers of an uptown joint, where Adlawan used to go to, to prevent them from testifying in the case.

       He said "police must not be overzealous so (as not) to deprive anyone of freedom."

      Sarmiento also found it hard to believe what the police said about Adlawan walking along Fuente mmmm

CHARGES DROPPED. The firearm found on convict Rowen Adlawan (above) was planted by  the police in their effort to pin him down in the Chiong case says MTCC Judge Olegario  Sarmiento Jr.  
(SUN.STAR FILE)       

Osmeņa with an open shirt, a gun  tucked in his waistband and a pack of shabu in his pocket.

      "What the police did was an overkill, so to speak, which this court finds hard to accept," he said.

      In arriving at the decision, Sarmiento said the court was guided by the fact that Adlawan was a suspect in the Chiong kidnapping, rape and murder case.

      Adlawan was not arrested for that, but for the alleged possession of a .38 caliber revolver and a "pack of shabu", he said.

      Adlawan and six other men were sentenced to 20 to 40 years in jail for the Chiong kidnapping and serious illegal detention. They are now in Muntinlupa.

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