Friday, February 27, 2004 

Del Gallego: Let Rusia,.............. witnesses tell the truth

      BY making public his effort to seek justice in the celebrated Chiong case, Miguel del Gallego said he hopes that witnesses in the case will do the same and tell the truth.

      Days after he stepped down as chairman of the Phil. Business for Social Progress (PBSP), Gallego said he wants to change the public opinion that "they (Paco Larraņaga and company) are guilty of the charges."  

      Del Gallego clarified that prior to the Supreme Court's verdict, he and the Larraņagas are not close. "I am a Filipino while the Larraņagas are Spanish," he said.

      He said he hopes prosecution's star witness Davidson Rusia alias "Tisoy Tagalog" to also come forward and to "tell the truth."

      "I believe that Rusia was not in the crime scene...who knows? He is now a Born Again Christian," he told reporters.

      If it was true that Rusia was in the scene why was he not placed in the city jail along with the other accused to find out where Jacqueline was, Del Gallego said. 

      "To find out from the other guys where is the other body? Why didn't they do that when the interest then was to look for the other body," he said.

      While refusing to name names, del Gallego said he had talked to some of the witnesse, and that one of them told him prior to the Supreme Court's verdict that he allegedly did not point at Paco.

IS THIS DAVE RUSIA?  The controversial former witness of the celebrated Chiong sisters rape-slay case "Tisoy Tagalog," or someone who very closely resembles him, was seen passing through a flooded area of barangay Tisa a few days ago.        Rudolph Alcazaren

"The Supreme Court might call my attention for this (issuing statement) but what can I do," he said.

      He is further hoping and wishing that Paco and the accused will be given a re-trial, which he said is not impossible citing kidnappers Roderick Licayan and Roberto Lara.                                 

      The execution of the two was suspended and the justices of the Supreme Court ordered last January the reopening of the case and the conduct of further inquiry.

      The execution of the two was scheduled last January 30.

      "I cannot ask for a retrial because I am not a party in the case, but personally I wish for a new trial with a new and an impartial judge for the truth to come out," he said.

      Showing the pictures allegedly taken on the evening of July 16, 1997 or the same day that sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline were forcibly abducted, del Gallego said no less than her three daughters were with Francisco Juan "Paco" Larraņaga in a resto-bar in Manila. (Suzzane B. Salva)

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