Tuesday, November 15, 2005  

'Too late the hero' -....... Chiong

     THELMA Chiong yesterday said she did not believe that Roy Codiņera had made a turnaround on the kidnapping case of her daughters.

      It was the Chiong case that got Codiņera promoted and awarded outstanding policeman of the Philippines through the efforts of the Crusade Against Violence (CAV) now spearheaded by Mrs. Chiong.

      Mrs. Chiong said she had ignored rumors going about the past weeks that he would make a "confession".


She said her family had a good relationship with Codiņera.

      "Wala ko motuo (I cannot believe that) because I know Roy could never do it", Mrs. Chiong said.

      Mrs. Chiong said she was puzzled by what Codiņera could possibly say on the case. 

      "Unsa may iyang isulti nga wa magsulti sa tinuod si Tisoy Tagalog?"

      Nabuang na si Roy? Naabot na ba siya sa ponto nga wa na siyay kuwarta? (What can I say that hasn't been truthfully said by the state witness Tisoy Tagalog? Has Roy gone mad? Has he reached the point where he hasn't got anymore money?" Mrs. Chiong asked.

      Whether his revelations are true or not, Mrs. Chiong said, the case of her daughters was already decided with finality by the Supreme Court.

      "It's too late the hero", she said. CORRESPONDENT JHUNNEX NAPALLACAN

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