Wednesday, November 23, 2005  

Spanish TV documentary says Paco 'innocent'

      SPANISH TV will air tomorrow a documentary of how Paco Larraņaga was "framed" in the Philippines for the rape and disappearance of the Chiong sisters.

      The world premier of the film will focus an unflattering spotlight on the Philippines' criminal justice system, as much as it does on the young man's fate.

      "We recently spent four months in the Philippines investigating Paco's case. We interviewed many people involved. We also interviewed Paco on Death Row," said the group producing the film :Atrapado en la injusticia: el caso Larraņaga" (translation: "Caught in an injustice: The Larraņaga case").

      "This program will reveal hoe he was framed in the Philippines by the Philippine police and has been condemned to death by a corrupt Philippine court to please the Philippine public".

      The documentary is being presented by Mediapro and Thoughtful Robot.

      The group's website said the documentary will be broadcast by Spanish mmm 

channel CUATRO and includes excusive interviews with Paco from within his cell on death row, as well as hidden footage from inside security prison of Muntinlupa.

      Also participating are the family of Paco and some of the 35 witnesses who claim Paco is innocent.

      The filmmakers describe themselves as a group that envisions building "an informed but collaborative global network of social-justice film producers.

      This group was instrumental in releasing at a press conference in Madrid a personal appeal and message of Paco addressed to the Spanish people on May 4, 2005.

      The film is unabashedly partisan to the cause of Paco's supporters who insist he is innocent, and is expected to bring out to a wider audience, many facts already reported in the Philippine media when the trial was going on in Cebu City in 1998.

      "The value of using documentation to right a wrong is obvious and proven," said the group in their website.

      "The program will show that Paco was over 600 kilometers away from where the crime took place. Nearly 40 people as well as a great deal of Physical evidence support Paco's alibi and prove he was innocent beyond reasonable doubt.

      The trial judge did not allow Paco's witnesses to testify. Paco himself was not allowed to testify. This program will be the first time Paco and his witnesses will get to their story."   

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