'why only one voter's I.D. when two girls were missing?' 

The Supreme Court in their decision to upgrade the sentences of the seven accused from double life sentences to death  by  lethal  injection,  seem to have given much importance to the testimony of PNP fingerprint expert Lenizo.


Yet if one reads his testimony, there are glaring facts that shows some discrepancies in it.

    From the court transcripts, Lenizo testified that on July 20, 1997 at 8:30 AM he received a letter-request from his superior to conduct  a  fingerprint examination of the unidentified dead lady found in a ravine in Carcar on July 18, 1997, a Friday. 

The letter was also dated July 20, 1997, meaning that this letter must have been written before 8:30 of that same morning. A Sunday at that!

    From this transcript, when asked by the Fiscal if he had any idea who the body found at the ravine was and he replied in the negative.
       If so, then why did he only have a sample of Marijoy’s fingerprint with him to compare with? Remember there were two Chiong girls missing, Marijoy and Jackie. 

      Had his superior predetermined that the unidentified dead body found two days earlier in the ravine in Carcar would turn out to be that of Marijoy and that's why he did not include anymore the other sister’s voter’s I,D.?

Lenizo testified that in the letter-request of his superior only Marijoy’s Voters Registration Card was attached. Since the body was found on a Friday morning, when did they get the Voter’s I.D. from the Comission On Elections (COMELEC)? The next day was a Saturday and the COMELEC is closed. Did they have enough time that Friday afternoon to get back to Cebu City and get her voter's I.D.?

However,  the  Sun Star issue of July 23, 1997 completely contradicts Lenizo's testimony as it reported that the father of the missing girls, Dionisio Chiong submitted the fingerprints and dental records of his two children to the PNP crime laboratory through Cebu PNP Director Mario Potot only on the 22nd of July, or two days after Lenizo's allegedly made his fingerprint comparisons in the funeral morgue in Carcar. Where then did Lenizo's voter's I.D. come from?

The same Sun Star report contradicts Fiscal Galanida's "testimony" that they could not make a dental examination of the body in the ravine because "it needed the dental records of the victim."