why two girls continued
talking to two guys they
despised- for two
. hours?

     Mrs. Thelma Chiong in her testimony testified that Paco was a suitor of Marijoy and that he even threatened her just a month earlier if she did not leave her boyfriend and go out with him. 

     Ayala security guard Willard Redobles testified that he saw the Chiong sisters talking to both Paco and Josman at 8:00 in the evening when he came in to report for work. He further testified that he saw them again from 9:00PM to 10:00PM still talking to each other.

     After 9:00PM, when the shops are all closed and most of the movie goers are already in the cinemas, Ayala Mall becomes dark and isolated. Only some lights are left lighted in the corridors. If they felt threatened at all, they would have asked the security guard to accompany them.

     But instead, the two girls continued talking amiably for two hours to two guys they which was said to have threatened Marijoy and the other  was "fresh to women".

     Why will these two young ladies talk with these men for two hours and then refuse a ride home with them? Especially, since they had to take a public utility vehicle, with the rain and all, to get home.

      Besides, this would not have been the first time mmm

     CAN YOU  BELIEVE  the two sisters were talking
     continuously to two men
for two hours, if one of
     the men had threatened one of the sisters just  a
     month earlier,  and the other they said was fresh
     to women? 

they would have been taken home by these  young men. Mrs. Chiong testified that Paco and Josman had brought Marijoy home alone from school two or three times before.

     Mrs. Chiong testified that her husband Dionisio went to Ayala to fetch her daughters from 6:30 to 7:30 that very evening and but was not able to find them.

     Why didn't he see them when they were all the time at the West Entry of the Ayala Mall, as testified by the security guard? 

     Why didn't Mr. Chiong look for them? Wasn't he worried that the young girls might have had some difficulty finding a ride home because of the heavy rains? 

     Hardly believable that the sisters would rather continue talking to two guys they despised, instead of meeting their father and riding in the comforts of their own car as what the prosecutors wanted us to believe, especially with the rain and all.