'NBI barred from case,..... 
director barred from testifying, 
and prosecutors promised instant

           In his 28 years in law enforcement the then National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Regional Director for the Visayas, Flor Villarin “has yet to meet a drug addict who is not a liar.”

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     So he asked the then Senior Supt. Alejandro Lapinid, the incoming director of the Cebu City Police Station, “to request Supt. Estilles to allow us (the NBI) to interview Rusia and subject him to a polygraph test because, after I (Villarin) interviewed the lessee of the house where the victims were allegedly raped, I found his allegation that the victims were raped in a house in Guadalupe, Cebu City to be unbelievable.” 

   The FBI-trained NBI Director and the longest serving director for Central Visayas,  has said the lessee “declared it was not possible that the rape could took (take) place in his boarding house because the adjoining room of the Bustillo sisters (tenants of the apartment) was also occupied by a Canadian couple.

     Besides, his caretaker, Ms. Seno was present at the time the incident allegedly happened and his boarding house was (is) located in a densely populated area, which is true because I saw the place myself, therefore there was more compelling reason to further interview Rusia and require him to undergo a polygraph test, a tool usually used in aid of investigation.”

      However, “Supt. Estilles and City Prosecutor Miro would not allow us to interview Rusia and require him to undergo a polygraph examination”, said Villarin.  

     One can just wonder why? What did they know that the NBI did not? If they were so sure of Rusia’s testimony, then why in heaven’s name were they afraid of a polygraph test.

      Villarin in his affidavit to the Supreme Court had blamed the city prosecutors to have bungled the case, “had Prosecutor Miro allowed us to interview Rusia and the other witnesses, and coordinate our efforts with them, we could have brought to light the whole truth and justice”

       He said “City Prosecutor Miro was in a hurry to file the case because he was promised by Mrs. Chiong with a promotion to the position of Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas to which he was finally appointed.

      Mrs. Chiong also promised the team of prosecutors created by Miro, namely Asst. Prosecutors Duyongco, Galanida, and Estrera to handle the prosecution in court, with promotions.

        In fact, Duyongco was promoted to the position of NBI regional director to take my place”, upon his retirement. “Asst. Prosecutors Galanida and Estrera were also appointed to the positions of RTC judges.” 

        Not satisfied in barring the NBI in any hand in the case, “Asst. Prosecutor Galanida and Prosecutor Miro, who was in control of the prosecution, objected to the move of defense counsel Andales to present” Villarin as a witness. One can just speculate why the prosecutors were so afraid to let the multi-awarded director to testify.  

       In the same affidavit, Villarin said “Mr. Miro and Asst. Prosecutor Galanida obviously motivated by their personal ambition to be promoted by Mrs. Chiong, deliberately ignored the fact that the NBI is the investigative arm of the DOJ (Department of Justice) of which the prosecution service is a part, and therefore, it was their duty to work closely with us (the NBI) to ensure the success of the efforts of the government in prosecuting criminals in court.”  

     The question one can ask now, why did the prosecutors insist in working with the police and not the NBI, which is the investigative arm of the Department of Justice (DOJ)  where they belong?