after seeing Paco 4 times before, who is he?'

    When asked by the prosecution during the trial “how many times have you see him (Paco)” before July 16 1997, she testified “Five (5) times”. 

       The first time, in the main entrance of the University of San Carlos (USC) sometime in November 1996 “he was with some guys.” 

      The second time, at the lobby of USC, of the same month and year “he was with some guys.” 

     The third time, at the ground level of Ayala Center, sometime April of 1997.  

      And the fourth time, near Glicos in the third level of Ayala Center on May 1997.

     The fifth time, again near Glicos in Ayala Center when she was with Jacqueline Chiong on their way to the comfort room also sometime May 1997 mmmmmmm

WITH CERTAINTY? Sheila Singson points at Paco Larrañaga during her testimony on September 3, 1998 at the sala of the late Judge Martin Ocampo.
                                     (CDN October 5, 2004    photo by Tonee Despojo)

“then we saw Paco, she saw Paco and I was asking who was that…..And she said that was an admirer of my sister.”

     Here we have a witness testifying remembering seeing Paco four times before, in crowded places like the main entrance and the lobby of  USC  and  yet  did  not  recognize  him  on  her way to the comfort room and had to ask Jacqueline who he was?

    Granting he never met him before, how then did she remember seeing him four times before.  And all in very crowded places…..