'should we continue to be sitting ducks?'

   Going over old newspaper clippings, reading the testimonies and affidavits of the witnesses for the prosecution, and just plain old-fashion sleuthing has convinced me, more than ever, how the police, the  prosecutors,  and  the  judge  conspired, directly or indirectly,  to  convict  all  seven  fall guys. 

    I always knew Paco is innocent. But now, more than ever, I am convinced all the other six convicted young men are also innocent. 

As you are reading this, you may be sitting there and be wondering, what does all of this have to do with me?  What could I possibly gain from active involvement in this crusade?

The answer is simple, if it can happen to Paco Larrañaga, IT MOST DEFINITELY CAN HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. 

The guilty party is still at large and can strike anytime, anywhere and to anyone, knowing full well they can evade being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  

Anytime, you, your brother, your sister, or your kids can be picked up, incarcerated without bail, convicted and sent to death by the Supreme Court, even when innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.  

We now live in a society that can easily frame-up the perceived rich and powerful. If they can easily convict an innocent member of the powerful Osmeña clan, what else can they do to an ordinary Juan dela Cruz?

It’s no wonder that our jails are filled with so many innocent men. Conservative estimates are that 25% of the 40,000 people in our jail systems are innocent.  



       We now live in a society where your guilt is measured by the color of your skin and the balance on your check book!

       We live in a society where the police and prosecutors, our protectors and fighters for justice, can and will cheat, steal, beg and borrow just for a conviction and for their own personal glorification.

          Yes, it is definitely a concern not just for the Chiongs or the Larrañagas or the families of the other six young convicted but innocent men, but a concern for all Filipinos.  Every single one of us can be a target for injustice.

Should we continue to be sitting ducks awaiting our turn to be framed for a crime we couldn’t have committed?  

          I say this to you and appeal to your parental instincts. If you were in my predicament, what would you have done?  What would you have told your children?  Will you be able to continue with your daily life-- knowing full well your children’s beliefs and sense of morality are being crushed by the system that governs us?                          

      Will you and your family stand aside and keep quiet while the victim’s family get a false sense of relief from the wrongfully accused and innocent men are put to their death?  

      Jacqueline and Marijoy to this day are still missing; don’t we want to know what really happened to them? 

      What about the young innocent lady found dead in a ravine in Carcar? Don’t we want to know who she is?  There is somewhere, a family missing a daughter ........ 

          The question is---do we sit and continue to allow this to happen to our youth, to our beloved country…or do we take a stand? 


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